Val'CielleThe latest strips from the Val'Cielle comic. Updated mondays! - RSS DivisionIssue Five: The Necropolis, Page 23 Five: The Necropolis, Page 23 Five: The Necropolis, Page 23 Five: The Necropolis, Page 23 Five: The Necropolis, Page 23 Five: The Necropolis, Page 22 Five: The Necropolis, Page 21 Five: The Necropolis, Page 20 Five: The Necropolis, Page 19 Five: The Necropolis, Page 18 Prologue - updated and completeOkay, Seth and I have legit reworked this prologue like maybe . . . 3 or 4 times now. I read lots of advice where people said don't have an info dump, you don't need a prologue, focus your beginning, etc. etc., and then we just ignored all of it?? Because teenagers are dumb, I guess. But this . . . will hopefully . . . be the very last time. A few pages have been added, some dialogue adjusted, all of the old man and kids are gone. I'm much happier with it now, I hope Seth is too, and so, I hope, are YOU.' StuffIn an effort to get the Val'Cielle admin page working again, I will be adding and removing a bunch of strips. Please don't worry, as we will hopefully be returning to our ordinary radio silence shortly. SwitcherooJust a quick bit 'o news; I've migrated the comic over to the new fancy-dancy server! You shouldn't notice any difference, except maybe the pages load a little teeny tiny bit faster, because this server has more memory. Mostly it'll just help me retire the old server and get it off of my credit card. YAY! For anybody interested, I moved us from my old Ubuntu 8.10 VPS with 512MB RAM to our new Debian Squeeze VPS with 675MB, both of which are hosted with Linode. :) of ChapterI forgot to post a page last week, I think, but here it is this week, and it's also the end of the chapter. I haven't gotten very far in the next chapter yet, and I have a convention to go to in a couple weeks, so chances are I won't until I come back from it. I'll try and make a post when I'm back with a better idea of how the chapter's going and when I might have it up. ReactionsIt's been awhile since anyone's posted a news entry, so I guess I'll do so! Character creation is a very personal thing, I feel like; you get to know them and craft them in any way you like, and the best characters have reasons for behaving so, and are plausible. From the slightly external viewpoint that I have with these characters, being that I am something of a secondary creator, for some reason I really like Toben, possibly the best. Maybe I feel like her motivations are the clearest, or that I can relate to her? Ooorrr, maybe I had a role playing character kind of like her in college. He was crazy like her, always rushing in first. No fear, no second-guessing. Maybe I was playing the person I wanted to be? No second-guessing... Or maybe that was the easiest character to play. Never having to worry about what his reaction would be in-charater, it was always "CHARGE!" Even when I knew it was a terrible idea, he was still running in, head of the pack. So anyway, even though she's got no magic and no fancy weapon, she's still all about getting shit done. Her group isn't the best at organizing things or planning, but whether they're in or not, she's going to first! Good job, Toben, on being brave and leading by example. what I forgot yesterday? Updating! Even though Seth made these really nice preview images. Automatic updates . . . would be so awesome. is not a formally approved-by-Seth page. I'm just sneaking it up! Oh, it isn't quite Sunday yet either. BUT WHATEVER. Here is page one which will probably be subject to some tweaks. I really shouldn't get to far ahead of myself with pages before I have a chance to actually finish more and Seth and I can get in fistfights over them. Tentative page 2 update in two weeks. Next weekend IS Christmas afterall. I have things to do. I'm also toying with a new coloring style... StartThe cover for next issue is up!?!?!?! I would like to give a (probably very ambitious) start date of two weeks from now for the first page. Haha, let's see how well that goes. O_O And jeeze, Jake, could you be a little less positive the next time you yell at me? night I assisted Anne in erasing the pencil marks off the pages of our next issue. While I doodle concept art from time to time, sketch the layouts of the pages, and quickly etch an occasional (terrible looking) stick figure during the drafting process, erasing the pencil marks from Anne's ink drawings has been the most directly involved I've been with the art of Val'Cielle to date. However, I was asked if I could draw more during the layout process. For almost the entirety of the comic, I've been giving Anne these super small layouts which really only show panel placement. Now I've been asked to expand those out to a full page and draw crude stick figures in the panels to help Anne's understanding of place, interaction, etc. I imagine this will give us a treasure trove of hilarious looking (i.e. awful) stick figure drawings to look forward to in 2012. your FriendsANNE WHAT THE BITCH. Get off your extremely productive, highly creative, do-ten-times-what-I-do-around-here ass and finish the next chapter! Also, I'll look into letting you delete things again. Hopefully I replaced your "Delete" page with a redirect to something funny, like a redirect to a video of a giant sea mammal.